What are Sol Stocks (Tokens)?

Jun 9, 2022

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John McDowell

What are SOL Stocks?

Solana crypto project is the name behind the SOL Stocks, also known as SOLs. These tokens are passed onto nodes present within a cluster of Solana for the exchange of running an existing program on-chain or even to validate the output. For that reason, SOL isn't exactly a stock, per se. It is a crypto token.

The innovative idea of the creator of Solana, a man named Anatoly Yakovenco, wanted to achieve a higher level of technology when it came to cryptocurrency. The focus was on processing more transactions daily with fewer delays.

In the current market, SOL stocks represent the major competition to Bitcoin as well as Ethereum, which are the two other major players in the cryptocurrency market.

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What is Solana (SOL)? What is special about Solana?

SOL is a cryptocurrency that was launched in March of 2020. It is one of the major cryptocurrencies in use today, posing a very tough competition to the two other players - Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It is a smart contract kind of blockchain, unlike Bitcoin which is a pure currency kind of blockchain. Back in 2020 when Solana was launched, the starting price was $0.77. However, in a very short timeframe, by just September 2021, the price skyrocketed to $140.

Thus, Solana has demonstrated rapid growth in a short duration. In a turbulent phase, for example, the pandemic, Solana stood its ground, steadily climbing and growing in value. In comparison, most other cryptocurrencies have fallen or fluctuated in value. This is one of the main reasons that makes Solana special.

Another reason which makes Solana different from the mass of tokens is the unique technology it uses in the blockchain. It is a combination of proof of history as well as proof of stake, which is used to back every single transaction. In fact, due to this, Solana is able to process the transactions even quicker compared to Ethereum, which happens to be the second-biggest cryptocurrency.

The third reason that makes Solana very special compared to other cryptocurrencies is the ease of its scalability. This is due to its low fees from end-users and how easy it is to use. Both factors have contributed to the rapid rise of Solana cryptocurrency.

How to buy SOL stocks (crypto)?

It is very easy to buy SOL Solana. It is the same as with any other major cryptocurrency. You can easily purchase and retain the SOL stocks (tokens) over an exchange that is centralized, or the other option is to retain it within a wallet dedicated to Solana. You can also open a new account by using a crypto exchange that is centralized, such as Uphold, Coinbase, Gate.io, or even Binance.

Remember, that authorities are tightening the controls across several countries in order to prevent money laundering, using KYC or Know Your Customer. These regulations require various financial institutions to record both businesses as well as the personal details of their customers.

Since it is usually allowed to exhange crypto for fiat currency or normal cash, many exchanges that are centralized require an official identification prior to usage of the platform. Once the KYC requirements are met, it is easy to use either a debit card or credit card in order to fund accounts for SOL with the prevailing rate of exchange.

Where to buy SOL Stocks (Tokens)?

You can easily purchase Solana through any of the major cryptocurrency platforms available these days.


One of the most common places to purchase Solana is crypto.com, though we don't recommend one exchange over another. Once you verify your identity, you can purchase SOL stocks (tokens) using any debit card. There is a 2.99% commission when purchasing Solana using any debit card. However, this fee is waived during the first 30 days of opening the account.


Coinbase is another platform that is very user-friendly and enables you to buy SOL stocks (tokens). Just register your account and add or upload an ID. After that, you can purchase Solana using any MasterCard or Visa card. The fees are usually 4%, which is a bit steep compared to some of the other platforms available.


If you are looking for a highly cost-effective place to buy Solana, then Binance could be a great option. Fees here are ultra-competitive and the exchange is currently in use by over 100 million worldwide traders. The commission on Binance to purchase Solana is just 0.10%. However, this low fee is provisional and dependent on whether you have the funds to deposit in crypto.


Last but not least eToro represents another opportunity. It is easy to purchase Solana here via a basis of spread-only. That means that rather than pay a conventional commission, the fee would be the difference between the sell and buy price during the time of order. In case you are buying the Solana tokens using US dollars, there are no fees for deposit charged.

How to stake Solana?

Staking refers to a process by which the holder of an SOL token will assign all or some of their tokens to validators or one validator. This helps increase the voting weight of the validators. This process is called “delegating” tokens. However, it does not provide any kind of control or ownership over the tokens by the validator.

As validators receive more stake delegations from various token holders, it provides “proof” for the network that the consensus votes of the validators are indeed trustworthy, and the votes are appropriately weighted depending on how much stake is attracted by the validator. In summary, the more stake delegated to various validators, the more secure and safe the network becomes.

Now the question arises, how does a person stake their Solana?

It is easy to do so by delegating the tokens to various validators who do the processing of transactions as well as run networks. The higher the stake a validator attracts, the higher the chance they will be chosen for writing new transactions within a ledger. The higher the transactions, the more rewards both delegators and validators earn.

You can stake Solana by moving tokens into any wallet conducive to staking. There are several mobile as well as web wallets that support staking. There are various tools for command lines that will perform operations for staking. Depending on which wallet you use, you can create a staking account first. Then you can select the validator. Ultimately, you can delegate to the validator chosen. This is how you can stake Solana.

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Is Solana proof of work or proof of stake?

One of the things that makes Solana very special is its hybrid technology, which employs both proof of stake and proof of history. Proof of history represents a sequence of computations that verifies the time passed between two different events. This is a security function that ensures that output is unable to be predicted via input, and has to be fully executed.

Proof of stake quickly confirms the sequence that has been created by the generator of proof of history. This is used to select and vote for the generator, as well as to punish badly behaving validators. This will depend on arriving messages on nodes by a particular timeout.

Is Solana a good investment?

Solana has demonstrated a massive surge in pricing ever since its launch in 2020. It was able to scale up rapidly, at a time like the pandemic, when most other cryptocurrencies were unable to perform. However, overall, between the end of 2021 and January of 2022, cryptocurrencies throughout have suffered a hit.

SOL is definitely a frontrunner, especially when it comes to Web 3.0 gaming. These games offered on the Solana blockchain allow users to “create” cryptocurrency and improve their wallets as well. There has been high confidence from investors in 2022 when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and Solana is no exception.

The overall growth for Solana is predicted at about $300 within five years. In fact, some experts are even of the opinion that Solana stocks could even reach the $1000 mark by 2025, which is so far the most positive and optimistic prediction. Despite these claims and predictions, we don't recommend any investments. At TradingSim, we are more involved with simulated trades and studying technical analysis.

Is Solana better than Bitcoin? What are its pros and cons?

Solana certainly has some significant advantages when it comes to its comparison with another major crypto player - Bitcoin. For starters, Solana's transaction speed is much higher, at 50,000 transactions every second! In comparison, Bitcoin's processing speed is 4.6 transactions for each second. This is a vast difference in transaction processing speeds, and in this case, Solana is definitely at an advantage.

The second advantage is that Solana fees are much lower compared to Bitcoin. Solana fees are as low as $0.01 whereas the average fee for Bitcoin is around $1.575.

The fact that Solana uses a combined hybrid technology of both proof of history and proof of stake, enables it to achieve scalability much higher because it does not need as much computation power when the number of users increases. In comparison, Bitcoin uses a proof of work technology, which is much slower to scale when compared to Solana.

However, certain concerns have arisen. For instance, in September 2021, there was a shutdown for 17 hours. This was due to an attack of service denial, which was further aggravated by smaller nodes available on the network. In addition, many implementations still are waiting for their launch on the version of Mainnet Beta. It has also not been as decentralized as some other cryptocurrencies, which is one of the cons of Solana as well.

Why is Solana popular?

Solana is extremely popular owing to its high scalability, the rapid rise in token price, as well as low fees. Plus, it is extremely easy to purchase Solana via any of the popular cryptocurrency platforms available today. The option of also not having to provide KYC identification all the time in order to open an account and purchase SOL stocks makes it all the more attractive.

One of the main reasons for Solana's popularity is also project composability. There is no need for users to deal with layer 2 systems or multiple shards. This makes the process much easier. Solana is today being used by over a billion users worldwide, and its popularity is gaining rapidly as well. It is one of the top 50 moving cryptocurrencies and possesses a high rate of liquidity.

The developer support is also very high with Solana. In addition, the network speed is also extremely powerful. It is a high-performance, high-throughput blockchain that also allows for a high amount of optimization of wealth distribution systems.

Solana Summary

Solana is certainly a growing cryptocurrency and has gained widespread popularity and acceptance across users. One of the reasons is its massive scalability, which has accounted for its large-scale adoption worldwide. In addition, the fees to purchase SOL stocks or tokens are very low and competitive as well, which makes it easier for users to adopt.

The rapid transaction processing speed is another major advantage, especially in comparison to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which are much slower when it comes to transaction processing speed. Solana is predicted to grow rapidly even more within the next three to five years. Do your own research before investing in SOL stocks, tokens, and be sure to study technical analysis to give yourself a good risk to reward ratio.

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