Trading Psychology

10 min read

Trading Psychology – 11 Traits that Separate Winners from Losers

For may, trading can be one of the greatest personal endeavors a person can take in their life. This is mainly because of how difficult it can be...

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8 min read

Learning from our Trading Stress An Interview w/ Dr. Brett Steenbarger

What is the best way to learn from and mitigate our trading stress? We feel as though this is a particularly important topic for traders, and...

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22 min read

Day Trading Anxiety: 6 Causes Worth Discussing

Anxiety and depression are common. And they are real. Far too many suffer from this mental and physical condition, unfortunately. And the...

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9 min read

Can You Succeed as a Day Trader? (How to avoid the 90% failure rate)

Can I succeed as a day trader? Can I really make a living doing this?

Let’s be honest. All day traders have asked this question at some point...

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6 min read

40 Great Brett Steenbarger Quotes For Trading Success

In this post we’ve compiled 40 of our favorite Dr. Brett Steenbarger quotes organized into a handful of themes. Dr. Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. is...

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