Investing Resources

Oct 17, 2011

Written by:
Al Hill

Investment is considered the commitment of money to purchase various financial instruments or other types of assets on order to gain profitable returns in the form of income, and interest. Investing is involved in many areas of the economy, and involves the choice by an individual or an organization to lend or place money in as instrument or asset. Depending on the type of investment one is working with, there are various risks of loss. The following resources will help educate you on all types of investing.



  • Smart Money: Tools included here are such that can be used to increase investment returns. Some of these tools are Power allocator and watch list.
  • Worksheets: An investment tool that helps investors make correct calculations.
  • Investments and pensions: This is a website that gives another great list of tools such as quote media’s market watch. There are great links here.
  • Tools: There are classifications of investment tools here. Tools are classified under screening, portfolio, research and financial calculators.


  • Investment organizations, US and Foreign: There are great investment opportunities in the cities of Colorado , Florida , District of Columbia and New York among others. This site also contains contacts for investments in Canada , Israel and Taiwan .
  • Social investment: This is an investment organization based in Canada. The organization has the vision of inculcating proper ideologies on investment.
  • Kilimani: This is an investment organization that helps in investing on real estate. The returns on investment are reasonably high.
  • Investors league: This is a team of investors from the US that is involved with the stock market.
  •  Investment globe: Site contains a lot of investment organizations around the globe. It also gives news and development of investments around the world.


  • Investing money lessons: The amount of money intended for investing should be based on certain criteria. The kind of business, the risk associated and the future returns should be analyzed.
  • The basics of investment: The site contains a list of links on getting started as a novice, advice on investment, explanation of stocks and mutual funds
  • Women’s Institute For Financial Freedom: This site is more interested in empowering women with knowledge and tips on investing.
  • Investors education: This is a collection of experienced organizations coming together to provide relevant information for all people before investment.
  • Greek shares: A detailed site on stock market guide. There are also links on how to build wealth and money mistakes.
  • Schaeffer research: Some of the topics treated here are investment basics, advanced investment and options trading.



  • Income property: Talk on how to generate wealth from real estate can be gotten through here.
  • Dan Levin’s investment talk: Talk on life investment and the right mind for a successful investor to possess.
  • Dallecort seminars: Dallecort support profitable investments from time to time on investment strategies.
  • Gold investment: Gold is an important commodity to invest on because its worth increases very rapidly.
  • Money talks: Money talks on financial planning service for the US fish and wildlife Service as well as Perspectives on Borrowing from a TSP Account.


  • The importance of investment: Investment is important because it provides a means of getting money even at odd times.
  • What is investment? Investment means using capital to get some more capital.
  • Stock trading: Stock market trading gives people the opportunity to invest for life.

Investments can range from very simple to very complex. It is important before investing to make sure you know exactly what you are doing. If you need assistance with your investing options it would be wise to speak to an investor, or a banking institution that might be able to make things clear for you.


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