Creator Royalty Program – How to Make Money with Motifs

Feb 27, 2019

Written by:
Al Hill

Thinking about starting your own motif? Well in this article, I am going to detail how you can make fees from other investors through your motif.

Why Are Motifs So Popular?

Motif Investing has made it possible for investors with little cash to build their own ETF like securities.

The other popularity driver is the low fees. This allows everyday retail investors the ability to build their own ETF investment product without the steep fees. Costs related to buying each individual stock and rebalancing are vitrually eliminated.

Making Money with the Creator Royalty Program

Officially called the ‘Creator Royalty Program‘, is offered by Motif Investing and pays traders when an investor buys their motif.

At the time of this writing, the Creator Royalty program awards the motif creator $1 for every investor that buys or rebalances their motif. This means that with just 100 investors, the creator of the motif can make an additional $100.

How to Sign Up for the Creator Royalty Program?

Before signing up for the creator royalty program, you first open and fund an account with Motif Investing.

The picture below shows how to join the Creator Royalty Program. Once open, it will take a few days for approval in order to list your motif.

Signing up to the Creator Royalty Program

Signing up for the Creator Royalty Program

Once your account is eligible and able to accept royalties, you need to add existing motifs to your account for public view.

Adding Motifs

To add existing motifs, click the “Add motifs to program” tab.

Add motifs to the Creator Royalty Program

Add motifs to the Creator Royalty Program

All motifs are eligible under the Creator Royalty Program.

Configuring Display of Motifs

At any point, you can edit/remove your motif from the list. You can also edit if the motif is publicly searchable.

The reason for using this option is to keep the motif limited within a private circle of investors.

Making the motif searchable in catalog

Making the motif searchable in catalog

Once public, your motif is searchable in the database and comes with tons of statistics. When potential investors want to buy the motif, they pay $9.95 and you receive a royalty of $1.00.

Investors should remember that because the motif listings are publicly available, you are not compensated when investors buy single stocks or ETFs listed in the motif. Furthermore, there are no royalties paid when the motif is sold.

How Investors View Your Motif?

Investors can browse all publicly available motifs. This list contains a mix of motifs made by professionals and retail investors.

To browse motifs created by individuals, click on Community Motifs. Before you can view the details of the motif, you must read and accept the risk disclaimer.

Sorting and Viewing Additional Data

A user can sort motifs by a number of factors including the highest number of purchases.

Below is a typical example of a Motif with a description, full detail listings and weighting of securities.

Motif listed on the public catalog

Motif listed on the public catalog

Detail View of Motif

The chart below shows additional information about the motif including the percentage of people who bought and investor sentiment.

Motifs Feedback

Motifs Feedback

Why Promote Your Motif?

Without creating buzz, chances are your motif will get lost in the mix. Here are some tips for how to get eyes on your product.

Add a Good Description

The more details, the better the chance others will find your motif on the community page.

Do Well

Since the statistics of the motif are made public, do the best you can to show a positive return, This will result in stats such as top performers, most purchased, and highest dividend yields will reflect you in a positive light.

Promote on Social Media

You can also promote your motif on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to raise awareness.

Build a blog

Using a free blogging platform such as or you can create your own mini-website detailing your investment strategies.

One of the benefits of promoting your motif via your blog is that you can attract additional eyes of visitors that may not even know about motifs, but find your offering attractive.

Reach out to other bloggers

There is no better press than to have an established blogger write about your motif. This can bring a steady flow of high-quality traffic.

Be active!

While it is essential to remain active in terms of promoting your Motif. The more you inform investors on your basket of stocks, the greater the chance you will peak their interest.

How Can Tradingsim Help?

Well if you are looking to create a motif you first need to make sure you can successfully put together a basket of stocks that will perform strongly. This is where Tradingsim can provide enormous value by allowing you the ability to create and test how a basket of stocks would have performed over the last 3 years.


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