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Episode 9: Managing Panic Attacks and Anxiety with JTrader


J from JTrader.co sat down with us in episode 9 to discuss mental and physical health. Panic attacks and anxiety can be such a huge hurdle for many people. J, particularly, has suffered from these and wanted to share his experience to help other traders manage their stress and achieve balance in their lives.

J is a professional trader from a small republic inside the country of Italy. He’s been trading for a living for over 20 years and offers mentorship and a professional education service. J offers a very structured approach to learning how to trade. For the past 4-5 years, he has been focused mostly on small caps.

Be sure to follow him on twitter: @jtraderco.

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You definitely don’t want to miss this episode whether or not you suffer from anxiety or not. Oftentimes, anxiety sneaks up on us when we least expect it. J offers some really great wisdom on how to avoid this through proper balance and some tough talk on routine. Take note, and audit your current stress levels before it’s too late!

  • Intro
  • J’s History – 0:45
  • Panic Attacks – 4:45
  • Stress Tips – 13:40
  • Hard Work – 21:35
  • Physical Balance – 24:36
  • Community – 30:50
  • Quitting – 34:27
  • Outro – 41:00

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