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Episode 4: Roman Bogomazov on Wyckoff Basics


In Part 2 of our series with Roman Bogomazov, we jumped right into the basics of the Wyckoff Methodology. Roman has studied all the titans of technical analysis, from Dow to Gann, but Wyckoff is by far his favorite.

If you’re unfamiliar with the tenets of the Wyckoff Methodology, this episode dives into what makes it such a foundational, scalable technique to discern the markets. We discuss the history of Wyckoff and his interactions with Jesse Livermore and others.

Wyckoff Schamatics

We also dive into the schematics of Wyckoff trading ranges and how they give us a framework for almost all price movements. Later, Roman gives us his most recent analysis with Bitcoin and a few trades he’s made, both day and swing.

Episode 4: Wyckoff Basics Chapters and Topics

  • Intro
  • Who was Wyckoff — 1:38
  • Composite Operator — 9:50
  • Wyckoff Framework — 16:00
  • Bitcoin Schematics — 26:40
  • Roman’s Trades — 39:45
  • Outro 1:05:55

Pay close attention to the way in which Roman dissects his own trades. We think you’ll not only be amazed but inspired by the way he applies Wyckoff’s principles of technical analysis. Our hope is that this will encourage you on your path to mastery.

Be sure to watch our Part 1 with Roman, if you haven’t already watched that interview.


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