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Episode 18: Mas Trades making $1000's on 4am gappers!


Mas is a day trader from Germany who loves to trade overextended gappers very early in the morning. Starting out almost a decade ago, it took him at least 5 years to really reach consistency. In this SimCast episode, Mas shares with us the adversity he faced and how he found the consistency he wanted. Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter as MasTrades.

Mas’s Early Adversity

In the early days, Mas shares with us how he started out blowing accounts in Forex. After reading a few books, and checking out Tim Sykes, he found success with one penny stock that took him up to $200k in profits on a single trade. However, as fate would have it, he HODLed a little too long and rode it all the way back down.

Mas admits that pain and experience have been the best teachers for him. Those early experiences only drove him to succeed that much harder. Despite having to move in with his parents, he knew it was only a matter of time before he achieved success.

trading is pain


Finally, Finding Consistency w/4 am Gappers

Mas admits that it wasn’t until he took about 6 months off from trading to backtest a certain strategy that he found the success he wanted. He noticed a strategy centered around super-extended pre-market gappers. After screenshotting and studying hundreds of these charts, he found the confidence he needed to focus on this edge.

Mas's premarket gap strategy
Mas’s premarket gap strategy

During the interview, we get a sneak peek at some of Mas’s best trades. Not only that, but we get a peek at what he does when trades go against him, how he manages risk, and the spreadsheets he tracks everything with.

Mas is a huge advocate of discovering your own strategy. Although he finds benefit from chat rooms and other educational websites, it wasn’t until he tested his own strategies that he found consistency.


Mas Trades Chapters and Topics

  • Intro – 0:25
  • Mas’s Background in Trading from 2012 – 4:04
  • Forex Blowups – 7:08
  • The $200k Ride – 9:24
  • Quitting the investment banking job – 11:30
  • Pushing through pain and inconsistency – 15:20
  • Importance of Backtesting 20:20
  • Mas’s Trade Recaps 23:29
  • Adjusting Risk – 28:30
  • Covering based on data – 30:00
  • WAFU stops and R/R- 36:00
  • Using Evernote for Pattern Rec – 42:00
  • The Long Side of Mas – 43:45
  • Backtesting variables – 46:10
  • Mas’s P/L curve – 49:20
  • Big loss in 2021 – 50:34
  • Tracking discipline – 55:30
  • Profit goals – 1:08:00


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