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Episode 15: Fractal Nature of Markets w/ Jack Tacher


Going from Day Trading to Swing Trading using “Fractals”

Jack Tacher, known as @alphacharts365 on Twitter, came on the SimCast for episode 15 to discuss with us the fractal nature of markets. After sharing with us his trading history and style, we were able to pull out a few correlations between the indexes, TSLA. and a few low float day trades.

Sounds weird, right? What do the QQQs, TSLA, and some little-known stocks like SBEV have in common? Interestingly enough, their technicals were almost identical, just on different time frames.

For this reason, we thought it would be cool to show our viewers how going from day trading to swing trading doesn’t have to be a huge leap. A lot of the same patterns and setups play out in the swing trading world. The only real difference, besides fundamentals, is the time frame.

About Jack Tacher from @alphacharts365

Jack Tacher twitter profile
Jack Tacher Twitter profile

Jack is a swing trader from Florida. He has a lot of experience in technical analysis and shares his wisdom on his YouTube channel. In the interview, Jack reveals that he’s a bit of an amalgamation of many different successful traders, from Bill O’Neil to Mark Minervini. Yet, he has developed his own style and process.

He’s definitely worth following if you want to get a feel for larger time frame trades work.

SimCast Ep. 15 w/ Jack from @alphacharts365 Topics and Chapters

  • Intro
  • Jack’s Background and Early Trades – 1:12
  • Jack’s Process & Trading Personality – 6:10
  • Trade Review on SFM – 13:55
  • Using the Equity Put/Call Ratio – 19:08
  • Market Observations – 22:06
  • GLD divergence w/ the Market – 28:06
  • Jack’s Fractal Setups – 32:48
  • Taking cheat entries – 35:25
  • Analyzing a TSLA volatility contraction pattern – 40:00
  • Daytrading volatility contraction patterns – 44:32
  • Liquidity traps – big picture idea – 51:49
  • Outcome testing and trade tracking – 54:58
  • Outro – 58:18


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