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Episode 13 : T3Live Pro Trader: Derrick Oldensmith


Why you need to know Derrick Oldensmith

Derrick Oldensmith was nice enough to drop in on the SimCast this week! You don’t want to miss this episode as he shares his wisdom on trading and what it’s like to trade at a prop firm. Derrick has been trading for well over a decade and is the Vice President of Trading and Education at T3live.com. He manages over 130 professional traders at one of the largest prop firms in the world.

In this episode, we get an inside look at some of Derrick Oldensmith’s strategies and his mentorship style. He also offers an insider’s look at what it’s like to start out at a prop desk. Derrick has been managing his own desk of traders since 2013, at T3live.

You’ll get to hear some great stories about Derrick’s kickboxing career, early setbacks, resilience, and how he beat Scott Redler in a pushup contest!

Also, feel free to download Derrick’s free ebook here:


The Pro Desk Virtual Trading Floor w/ Derrick Oldensmith

Derrick Oldensmith's VTF trading floor
Derrick Oldensmith’s VTF trading floor

Every day, Derrick leads a room of hundreds of professional traders in market analysis and potential trading opportunities. You don’t have to be a professional prop trader to join, and Derrick is always conducting live mentorship in the room.

SimCast Ep. 13 Topics and Chapters

Don’t miss out on these great topics. Midway, we cover one of Derrick Oldensmith’s recent trades in DKNG as we analyze the trade together.

  • Derrick’s Background – 1:10
  • Sales Trader to Prop Firm – 8:30
  • Derrick’s Style – 14:45
  • Mentorship – 21:50
  • Kickboxing – 26:25
  • DKNG Walk-Through – 31:30
  • Worst Losses – 59:30
  • Outro – 1:08:00


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