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Episode 1: Trading Performance Coaching with Créde Sheehy-Kelly


In this inaugural episode of the SimCast, we had the special honor of interviewing Performance Psychologist Créde Sheehy-Kelly. Créde is the Director of Créde Performance, Ltd. She is a licensed psychologist specializing in the field of performance coaching. In addition to trading performance coaching, her background spans work with professional athletes, opera performers, and even fighter pilots.

Créde is making a huge impact within the trading community both individually and collectively. On that token, she serves as a mindset and trading performance coach for BearBullTraders.com, along with other online trading education groups.

In this episode, we dive into the necessity of uncovering the bad habits and pitfalls that plague traders. Créde gives us a sneak peek into the following:

  1. the core structure of how she tracks performance,
  2. the strategies in her toolkit to reinforce good habits,
  3. many golden nuggets of insight for traders at all levels.

To find Créde, visit her webpage at www.credeperformance.com or follow her on Twitter at @Crede_Perform.

Topics and Timestamps

Please note: exact times may vary.

  • Crede’s background – 1:00
  • Motivation and goal setting: who benefits from performance coaching – 4:25
  • Process versus Outcomes – 13:34
  • Mental Edge – 26:00
  • Performance Training Profile – 36:24
  • Affirmations – 45:24
  • Tracking Performance – 60:00
  • Outro – 60:06

Trading Performance Coaching Visuals and Downloads from the SimCast

In the interview, Créde was kind enough to share some of her great visual materials. She’s offered to share some of these for free with us!

Be sure to download and use these, and reach out to Créde if you are ready for the next step in your training!


Performance-profile-for-traders Download


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