Kunal Vakil


Kunal Vakil is the Co-Founder of TradingSim. He has combined his passion for creating solutions that solve real problems with his love for the financial market to create Tradingsim.

He has been trading stocks and options for over 20 years. Like most traders, his strategies started out complex but have progressively become minimalistic. They rely on the relationship between price and volume with the aid of Fibonacci and the anchored VWAP. He’s traded through 3 major market crashes and finds it amazing how fast the market moves through boom-and-bust cycles now vs 20 years ago.

“Over the next decade, I believe we will experience one of the greatest advances in stock market history.” - Kunal

Kunal measures his success by being fair and honest. His philosophy and core values resonate around helping people. He loves spending time with his family and doing fun hobbies together. He has a connection & strong interest in Eastern Healing Practices, Qigong, Acupuncture and understanding the power of the human body.

You can connect with Kunal and learn from his vast financial knowledge at TradingSim.