John McDowell

LEad Content Strategist

John McDowell is the Lead Content Strategist at TradingSim. He diligently searches for ways to connect with day traders and provides training and education to those in this space.

John's story into the day trading world started in early 2016 while working in wine distribution in Georgia. He often had compelling conversations with one of his winery owners who happened to be a retired hedge fund manager that shared stories and insights during his days of managing billions of dollars with corporations like Coca-Cola and Kaiser Permanente. Little did this retiree know he was planting the seed that would soon lead John into following his footsteps as a trader.

As a day trader and stock market participant, John curates content and shares information that leads to the success of others. He has a strong passion for teaching and educating in the ever-changing and ambiguous world of the stock market.

Aside from crafting a wealth of content, pun intended, John likes to exercise and hike in the north Georgia mountains. He spends summers at the lake with his 13-year-old son, who is quite a soccer player. When John isn't active outdoors, he's focusing on learning Spanish and enjoying a nice bowl of cottage cheese...he's a big fan.
You can find ways to connect with John and learn from his teachings through blog content on the TradingSim website, podcasts, Tweets, and by following the other TradingSim social media accounts.