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Day Trading

Level up your trading game


Basics of Stock Trading

7 min read

The 5 Best Value Investing Books

Value investing is a type of an investment strategy where stocks are selected based on their intrinsic value. Value investing focuses purely on the...

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9 min read

How to find Stocks on the Rise

Stocks on the Rise

What is the correct definition of stocks that are on the rise?  Is this a two-week rise or two-year rise?  More importantly,...

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11 min read

What is Short Selling – How to Profit when a Security Falls

Let me first congratulate you on taking your trading game to the next level by researching how to short sell.

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3 min read

See How to Place Buy Stop Market Orders

Feeling overwhelmed with the various order types you can place in the market?

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5 min read

Backtesting Trading Strategies – Why Manual Is Better

In this post, I will cover why manual is better when it comes to backtesting my trading ideas in Excel. I know for some of you, this is a...

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