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Awesome Day Trading Strategies (4)

20 min read

The VWAP Indicator Ultimate Guide And Video

If you are wondering what the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is or how to use the VWAP indicator, then wait no more. We’ve created this...

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7 min read

The Kill Candle Shorting Strategy Explained

The Kill Candle.

It just sounds menacing, doesn’t it? And for good reason.

If you’ve ever been caught in one on the long side, you understand the...

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10 min read

The Backside of a Trade: When to Go Short

As day traders, the biggest dilemma we will ever face is our own errors. That is, knowing what not to do, and yet still doing it. Lack of...

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4 min read

How to Day Trade Morning Gaps – 3 Simple Strategies

Morning Gap

A picture is worth a thousand words and nothing will wake you up quite like a morning gap!

The gap has the amazing ability to take the...

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4 min read

Williams %R Indicator – 3 Trading Strategies and Formula

I feel like I am on an oscillator craze lately, but if it feels right, why fight it?

The Williams %R indicator is pronounced Williams Percent R. The...

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4 min read

How to Trade with the Coppock Curve

In this article, I will cover how to trade with the Coppock curve. You will be able to use these techniques and strategies on any timeframe.


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4 min read

Morning Reversal Gap Fill – How to Trade the Setup

The morning reversal gap fill is another great trading setup for the first hour of trading. The ideal time to enter the setup is within the first 30...

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5 min read

5 Trading Strategies Using the Relative Vigor Index

In this article, we will cover the relative vigor index. The index is not one of the more popular indicators, but that does not mean it lacks...

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